HF Collaboratory Organizational Chart

HFC Organizational Chart_Nov7

Long-Term Goals

Digital Health, Electronic Health Records, and Social Media

  1. Develop a process for utilizing social media to enhance trial enrollment
  2. Develop a proposal for utilizing/changing EMR’s into a research friendly application
  3. Encourage policies to change the current system to enhance evidence generation using digital tools and EMR’s

Regulatory Policy: Drugs & Devices

  1. Identify potential solutions to reducing regulatory burden in drug/device development, including how to make trials more efficient
  2. Identify methods of communication to ensure industry receives information in a timely and interpretable fashion
  3. Develop methods to unify the eco-system of regulatory approval and therapy utilization post-approval

Research Network and Societies

  1. Develop and operationalize site networks for streamlining processes (contracting, IRB, etc)
  2. Develop a method to utilize society networks to enhance research
  3. Work with resources (such as PCORnet) to develop patient research networks/foundation or equivalent

Representative Populations

  1. Develop standards of representative populations for trials based on epidemiology by HF phenotype (% of blacks, elderly, HFpEF, women, comorbidities, etc)
  2. Develop novel methods for recruitment of these patient cohorts in trials
  3. Develop methods to test generalizability and assist with implementation of therapies in these populations post-approval (special population registries, etc)